Monday, January 26, 2009

Linux on Windows (for Windows users)

If you happen to be a Windows user and you are really interested in using and exploring Linux but not willing to install it or run the live cds, then, you're lucky for in the present day there are very good, viable options for running operating systems as applications in another operating system. In case you have never heard of virtualization then this concept might challenge you for some time as it defies the general way in which people think about operating systems. In order to avoid re-inventing the wheel please do have a look at the link below to understand what virtualization is all about : 1) Now that you know about virtualisation you can try out virtualbox which works very well on Windows. In my opinion it is better than vmware in terms of performance and ease of use. Also, virtualbox is completely open source unlike vmware. Here are the links to get you started: 1) 2) 3) Here is a Screenshot : For more screenshots, click here


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